Outdoor temperature vs. heating

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I wanted to create a simple chart to show electricity consumption vs. the outdoor temperature. Prerequisites: There are a lot of guides and videos of how to install HACS and ApexCharts if you don’t already have it. Just Google it 🙂 Summary Measure power usage I have a lot of different heating options, like floor-heating, heat pump and panel oven. …

Uppy file uploader and proxy = headache

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While testing the Uppy.io file uploader I struggled with some CORS-errors. Almost the whole day was wasted troubleshooting and debugging. Trying different headers, debugging network-traffic and reading stack overflow. The browser returned a CORS-error and Uppy itself returned a network traffic error. 99% of all issues and google-results pointed to an api/server issue with my headers. The weird part was …

Docker proxy with self-signed certificates for local development

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Found some great docker-images to use in local projects. It’s well documentet in github here: https://github.com/sebastienheyd/docker-self-signed-proxy-companion Here is an example of docker-compose from the github repo: This guide can help you to add the certificate in Chrome: https://www.pico.net/kb/how-do-you-get-chrome-to-accept-a-self-signed-certificate/

Home Assistant: Garage door status with Aqara Vibration Sensor

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For almost two years ago, I wrote an article about controlling by garagedoor with the Qubino Flush 1D Relay. I always had a plan to add some status-sensor to the garage door. I started with a 433MHz sensor, but it was never a success. It was hard to place a magnet-sensor and 433MHz is not the best option – so …

Home Assistant – Leaf-MQTT

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For some reason the Leaf-component in Home Assistant has not been working for some time. Since November 2020 according to the community forum. UPDATE: Before you read any futher… Home Assistant bumped pycarwings2 to 2.10 in the last 2020.12.2 release. I actually found this out just when I was going to add the data from the solution below, into HA. …