Tellstick and NorthQ Power Reader

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I recently bought a NorthQ Power Reader (NQ-9021-EU) from Proshop. The Power Reader supports Z-wave and should be compatible with Telldus/Tellstick Znet. The Power Reader reads your power consumption from the power meter in or next to your fuse box. This helps you track your power consumption. At first, everything looked great, but it has been a long road to get …

Weird likes on your Facebook-page when advertising?

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I have had a lot of problems with the Facebook advertising earlier. When advertising a 100% Norwegian page, to the local community, I got a lot of foreigners that has no relation to the page or product at all. Why? I found a video that has an explanation today:   It have been running a lot of advertising the last months …

Facebook messenger for Windows desktop

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Alternative #1: Use the webpage Alternative #2: Download the unofficial Messenger for desktop app, This is actually the webpage in a shell. This is based on a open source project. But the page tries to push some other apps on you now, so I’m running away from this app 🙁 My recommendation, Alternative #3: Use the Windows app by Facebook,

Using Adldap2

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I have been using Adldap v4.x at my work for a while now. After installing a test-server with PHP7, I found that the Adldap needed to be updated. I started with Adldap 5.x, but in the middle of the testing, it looked like the Adldap-project wasn’t maintained anymore. So I had to jump over to Adldap2, which wasn’t as straight …

Setting up CS:GO dedicated server with eBot – on Ubuntu 16.04

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This little project took me about 25 hours, because of a lot of debugging and very little documentation for error messages regarding eBot. With this tutorial I will hopefully help someone else (and future me) to do this in 1-2 hours instead 🙂 My setup Ubuntu 16.04 running as a VM in ESXi 6 eBot v3.1 My local IP for the server …