How to pair a pre-paired Philips Hue light in deCONZ

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I bought a Philips Hue Being ceiling lamp. This is pre-paired with a remote and can be added to the Hue bridge with its serial number. This a nice feature and easy if you have a Hue-bridge, but how do you get it into deCONZ?

The manual does not say anything about how to unpair it. When I google, I found a lot of answers to remove it from the bridge, but I do not have an Hue-bridge.

Finally, I found a Github-issue that explained how to unpair the ceiling light.

How to unpair the light

  1. Turn of the light switch. The one on the wall that cut the power to the light. I left it off for about 5-10 seconds to be sure.
  2. Turn the switch back on.
  3. Hold the remote close to the lamp, at the same time as you hold down the on and off button on the remote.
  4. The light will start blinking after a few seconds. Hold down the buttons until the blinking stops.
  5. Now the light is unpaired, and you can search it up with deCONZ.

Reset the remote?

If you use the Phoscon app, it will show you how to reset the remote when adding it. It’s basically a paperclip-hole on the back. After about 10 seconds, the light in the upper corner of the remote will start blinking.

Programming the remote

Adding actions for each button on the remote, in Phoscon’s switch editor, is pretty straight forward.

My only problem so far, is that I can’t get the toggle between warm and cold light to work as it was default. Turn on, off and dim works. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong here.