Xiaomi Roborock weird noises

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My Roborock started to make some weird noises. Sounded like the start of a broken fan/motor. I googled a bit, and found that I was not the first one. I found a similar problem from another person that uploaded a video on YouTube. I contacted Xiaomi support and got this response 40 minutes later: You could try methods below.1. Empty …

Ubiquiti USG

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Last week I switched my router from Sophos XG to Ubiquiti (UBNT) USG (UniFi Security Gateway). The setup The setup was a bit tricky. First I tried to plug it in my existing network with a laptop connected to the LAN-port. I could reach the USG, but as most of the configuration is done in the UniFi-controller, I just had …

Moved to new domain

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Info: My blog has now moved from robertan.com to robert.stadsbygd.net. A little history: For about 15 years ago I registered a modem dialup connection with the username robert, but something went wrong. I tried a new user with the username roberta… I can’t really remember why, but I ended up with the username robertan in the end. So my first …

Weird likes on your Facebook-page when advertising?

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I have had a lot of problems with the Facebook advertising earlier. When advertising a 100% Norwegian page, to the local community, I got a lot of foreigners that has no relation to the page or product at all. Why? I found a video that has an explanation today:   It have been running a lot of advertising the last months …

Facebook messenger for Windows desktop

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Alternative #1: Use the webpage https://www.messenger.com/. Alternative #2: Download the unofficial Messenger for desktop app, https://messengerfordesktop.com/. This is actually the webpage in a shell. This is based on a open source project. But the page tries to push some other apps on you now, so I’m running away from this app 🙁 My recommendation, Alternative #3: Use the Windows app by Facebook, https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/messenger/9wzdncrf0083.