Outdoor temperature vs. heating

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I wanted to create a simple chart to show electricity consumption vs. the outdoor temperature.


  • Home Assistant
  • HACS (How to install)
    • ApexCharts
  • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • Power-measuring on all the heating-devices

There are a lot of guides and videos of how to install HACS and ApexCharts if you don’t already have it. Just Google it 🙂


  • Create a template-sensor that summarizes your devices power consumption.
  • Create a chart that uses your outdoor temperature sensor and your created template-sensor.

Measure power usage

I have a lot of different heating options, like floor-heating, heat pump and panel oven. For my floor heating I use the Heatit Z-TRM3 thermostats. For my heat pumps I use Fibaro Wall Plug on one of them and a Aqara Single Switch Module T1 on the other. My panel ovens have a Fibaro Wall Plug.

Create a template-sensor

We will need a template-sensor to summarize all the power consumption from all our heating.

Go to Settings -> Devices & services -> Helpers -> Create helper.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your helper entities.

Click the CREATE HELPER button.

Select «Template» in the list:

Select «Template a sensor«:

Fill in the form. You can find my template below the image, that you can copy, paste, and modify.

  states('sensor.termostat_bad_nede_electric_consumption_w') | float +
  states('sensor.termostat_vaskerom_electric_consumption_w') | float +
  states('sensor.gl_heatpump_power') | float +
  states('sensor.varmepumpe_active_power') | float +
  states('sensor.bad_oppe_panelovn_active_power') | float

ApexChart card

Add a new card to your dashboard.

Insert the config. You need to change the two sensor entities to match your own.

type: custom:apexcharts-card
update_interval: 10min
graph_span: 2d
  stroke_width: 3
  - id: first
    decimals: 0
        text: Outdoor-temp
  - id: second
    decimals: 0
        text: Heating (W)
    opposite: true
  show: true
  title: Outdoor temp. vs. consumption
  show_states: true
  colorize_states: true
    yaxis_id: first
  - entity: sensor.MY_TEMPLATE_SENSOR
    yaxis_id: second
      func: avg
      duration: 240m
      fill: zero