Uppy file uploader and proxy = headache

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While testing the Uppy.io file uploader I struggled with some CORS-errors. Almost the whole day was wasted troubleshooting and debugging. Trying different headers, debugging network-traffic and reading stack overflow. The browser returned a CORS-error and Uppy itself returned a network traffic error. 99% of all issues and google-results pointed to an api/server issue with my headers. The weird part was …

Using Adldap2

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I have been using Adldap v4.x at my work for a while now. After installing a test-server with PHP7, I found that the Adldap needed to be updated. I started with Adldap 5.x, but in the middle of the testing, it looked like the Adldap-project wasn’t maintained anymore. So I had to jump over to Adldap2, which wasn’t as straight …

Setting up external hotspot with Ubiquiti (ubnt) and debugging

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My setup: Webserver: Ubuntu 16.04 with default Apache2, PHP7 and MySQL. The webserver also has a local issued certificate with HTTPS. UniFi Controller: 4.8.18 (Running on a Windows 10 client) Laptop with wireless, running Windows 10, for testing. This article will focus more on debugging than on the setup itself, as there are multiple of howto-guides everywhere on the Internet. My guest …

PHP error: child pid 1234 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

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Just wasted a couple of hours troubleshooting the PHP error:  AH00052: child pid 2460 exit signal Segmentation fault (11). The browser (Google Chrome) just returned: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. The /var/log/httpd/my_virtual_domain-error_log didn’t say anything. But the default /var/log/httpd/error_log printed this error [core:notice] [pid 1400] AH00052: child pid 2682 exit signal Segmentation fault (11) for every page request. The problem was actually a PHP recursive error, which …

The PHP Benchmark

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Just found a PHP Benchmark page that can be helpful when writing PHP. In most cases you don’t gain much if your writing a while-loop instead of a foreach, but you can gain some in bigger applications. See PHP Benchmark results here: http://www.phpbench.com/ (Be aware that these results are live, so they will change in every refresh).


Tutorial: Install phpDocumentor

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I followed the tutorial on phpdoc.org: http://phpdoc.org/docs/latest/getting-started/installing.html#system-requirements. The phpdoc.org documentation isn’t exactly a beginners tutorial, so I wrote this tutorial for my self and others benifits 🙂 CentOS Server is used in this tutorial! Requirements are PHP 5.3.3 Intl extension for PHP Graphviz To check for your PHP version, type the following in SSH: To install Intl extension for PHP, type …

Nyttige lenker ved webutvikling

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Starte med webutvikling? Video Treehouse Treehouse har video-kurs med både tekstbaserte- og kode oppgaver. Lenke: https://teamtreehouse.com/ Pris: $25 hver måned Språk: Engelsk W3Cschools Denne siden kan du både bruke som referanse for å finne ut hva ting er for noe, gå gjennom enkle leksjoner, samt prøve kodesnutter. Lenke: http://www.w3schools.com/ Pris: Gratis Språk: Engelsk YouTube, «Hjemmeside» Deler: HTML / CSS Hvordan kode HTML …