Sonos and UniFi

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After using two workdays to configure four Sonos speakers for a youth club at work, I found that Sonos has big issues with their onboarding. There are several of forums with problems around Sonos and UniFi-network, but I think this is more a Sonos- or timing-issue, than a network issue. I gave up the Sonos Beam the first day, after …

Xiaomi Roborock weird noises

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My Roborock started to make some weird noises. Sounded like the start of a broken fan/motor. I googled a bit, and found that I was not the first one. I found a similar problem from another person that uploaded a video on YouTube. I contacted Xiaomi support and got this response 40 minutes later: You could try methods below.1. Empty …

Add letsencrypt to Home Assistant with own domain-name

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Follow Source: Source: Before pressing enter, I added the TXT record in my DNS. After adding it, I waited a couple of minutes before pressing enter. Add to Home Assistant For now, I copied the certificates from /etc/letsencrypt/live/… to a SSL folder under my Home Assistant config. Renew It looks like the domain-registrar has to support a script …

Configure host record on Ubiquiti USG

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If you are running internal server/services that need to be reached on the Internet, you probably have a DNS set up for them. To reach this services on their DNS, from your local network, you need edit the host-file on the USG. For my case, one of the services was Home Assistant, which is configured with DNS and certificates. This …

Live Resizing LVM on Linux

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Expanding disk on Linux can always be a pain. Most guides I found requires a restart, which is not always that popular on an production server. This guide was written as we had to expand a disk on our internal webserver at work, running Ubuntu server 16.04.