Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M2, Tellstick and Mco Home Air Quality Monitor Co2

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My girlfriend has a horse. The horse needed a house. So we built a house (stable). The stable is about 10 meters from our house. To smartify the stable (controlling lights and monitoring temperature, humidity and CO2) I needed cabled network and a new smarthome-gateway. I already have Home Assistant and a Z-wave network in the house, but the stable is …

Simple Git tutorial

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Using default git-commands are easy enough (if you are used to it), but this month I have started up two new projects on a clean computer. Setting up git for the first time is not a big issue, but I always start Googling – so this is a simple «from scratch» guide for starting with git on a clean Windows-computer …

Setting up external hotspot with Ubiquiti (ubnt) and debugging

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My setup: Webserver: Ubuntu 16.04 with default Apache2, PHP7 and MySQL. The webserver also has a local issued certificate with HTTPS. UniFi Controller: 4.8.18 (Running on a Windows 10 client) Laptop with wireless, running Windows 10, for testing. This article will focus more on debugging than on the setup itself, as there are multiple of howto-guides everywhere on the Internet. My guest …

How to Secure Apache with Let’s Encrypt on CentOS 6

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Install the Let’s Encrypt client $ git clone https://github.com/letsencrypt/letsencrypt $ cd letsencrypt I didn’t have git installed, so I just downloaded it from Github and added it under /opt/letsencrypt on the server.   So to the Centos 6 «fix» You’ll need to run the client in Pyhon 2.7. $ yum install centos-release-SCL $ yum install python27 Your python version should …

Some simple Powershell cmd

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I will use this post to update some simple Powershell commands. A cheatsheet that I can share with others 🙂   To get the serial number from a computer run the following PowerShell command: gwmi win32_bios | fl SerialNumber To get more information e.g. bios version and manufacturer just run: gwmi win32_bios

PHP error: child pid 1234 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

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Just wasted a couple of hours troubleshooting the PHP error:  AH00052: child pid 2460 exit signal Segmentation fault (11). The browser (Google Chrome) just returned: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. The /var/log/httpd/my_virtual_domain-error_log didn’t say anything. But the default /var/log/httpd/error_log printed this error [core:notice] [pid 1400] AH00052: child pid 2682 exit signal Segmentation fault (11) for every page request. The problem was actually a PHP recursive error, which …

Centos and Inodes

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In progress… This post will be updated if I get any more information/fixes… I currently have a web-server (Centos6) hosted at a third-party. Today the Inodes usage was 100% for the second time in 3 months. It looks like it’s the PHP sessions that fills up. Last time I tried to edit the session-settings in php.ini, but didn’t seem to have any affect, …