Game Server Panels

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It’s almost time for a new LAN-party event I’m hosting with 20 others. Not all in the crew are as technical, so this time I wanted a game server management, so others could manage the game servers.

Simple Git tutorial

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Using default git-commands are easy enough (if you are used to it), but this month I have started up two new projects on a clean computer. Setting up git for the first time is not a big issue, but I always start Googling – so this is a simple “from scratch” guide for starting with git on a clean Windows-computer … Read More

Two new IP/Wifi cameras

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I wanted to test a camera with WiFi this time for easier placement, so I bought two different cameras – one from Ebay and the other from Alibaba. It was not before I got the packages that I realized they were basically the same cameras. Both cameras is branded HJT and it looks like they have the same firmware. The … Read More

Ping / Network monitor

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Belive it or not… Finding a simple ping software to monitor some of your devices and your Internet is actually hard. There is a lot of software out there for it. Most of them works, but they are mostly crap and a lot of them cost money.   Free Ping Tool License: Free Download: Simple and clean interface. Default view … Read More

Moved to new domain

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Info: My blog has now moved from to A little history: For about 15 years ago I registered a modem dialup connection with the username robert, but something went wrong. I tried a new user with the username roberta… I can’t really remember why, but I ended up with the username robertan in the end. So my first … Read More

Heatmiser NeoHub Gen2

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Heatmiser has now released gen 2 of their NeoHub, with Apple HomeKit. I was quick to preorder – and I just received and connected it. It is now 1 1/2 year since I mounted my Neohub (first generation) and the neoStat thermostat; see my post about it here. I don’t think there is a lot to say about Gen 2. It has … Read More

Telldus: Plugins

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Telldus has realeased local plugins for beta-testing (04-04.2017). I love it! You can read the announcement here:

New firewall: Sophos XG

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I have used Sophos XG at home for about one week now, and I could not have been happier 🙂 For the last year I have tried most of the software firewalls out there, but let’s face it, I am a home user – I need a simple and nice GUI! It does not matter how great a functionality is, if you … Read More