The PHP Benchmark

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Just found a PHP Benchmark page that can be helpful when writing PHP. In most cases you don’t gain much if your writing a while-loop instead of a foreach, but you can gain some in bigger applications. See PHP Benchmark results here: (Be aware that these results are live, so they will change in every refresh).

Apache Virtual Hosts on CentOS 7

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This is a short guide for creating to virtual hosts on Apache with CentOS 7. For detailed description, see source at the bottom. Use sudo in front of the commands if your not root.   Create folders Give users permission to the folders Modify permissions to www-root Create a index.php file with some content on the web-folders we created. Create …

Kerberos auth with Apache/PHP

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We have a portal/intranet-webpage at my work, running with Apache, PHP and MySQL. In 2011, a colleague and me sat 16 hours (without a break) and configured kerberos authentication with the Linux webserver. Now in 2015 we needed kerberos with a new webserver. We did write a doc back in 2011, but when you sit for 16 hours – the …

Tutorial: Install OpenHAB

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OpenHAB is a automation software for your home. OpenHAB is open source and supports a huge list of bindings to control all types of smarthouse-gadgets from different suppliers. In this tutorial I will install OpenHAB 1.5.1 with the OpenHAB demo files, on an Ubuntu server 14.04. Note: After installing I found that you could also install it with apt-get. See wiki …