Change Windows 8.1 lock screen timeout

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Every time I leave my computer alone, I lock it! Or else a colleague change my background to a fat lady or facerape me – as I would have done to them as well 🙂

Weaking up the computer in Windows 8.1 isn’t always flawless, especially if you have multiple monitors. Almost every time I wake my computer up, I need to turn off and on one or more monitors to get them to work – resulting that programs/windows are forced into new positions.

This is very annoying when you lock the computer and go to the bathroom for 2 minutes – when you get back, you use 3 minutes to fix the monitors and windows.


The fix

Microsoft did’t create a option to change the lock screen timeout by default for some enviroment-powersaving-save-the-globe-reason. So you actually have to hack the registry for this feature.

I found this page:

You can download the  .reg file of the link above, or create you own with this parameters:

[code]The .reg files below are for the registry key and value below.

Attributes DWORD
1 = Hide «Console lock display off timeout»
2 = Show «Console lock display off timeout»[/code]


After changing the registry, you have to edit your advanced power settings.

advanced power settings

advanced power settings