Open garage-port with Telldus

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If you want to control your garage doors with Telldus, you need a wireless receiver and connect it with your garagedoor-motor push-button input.

I bought RX-multi from portspesialisten in Norway.

Example of where to buy RX-MULTI

DIP-switch settings for RX-MULTI to pair with Telldus

6 = UP, Rest of them down (see picture).

Add as device in Telldus

Update 2015.05.14: Use Nexa Self Learning Door Bell instead!
A bug in Telldus Live prevented me to use Learn-button with door bell before. The bug was fixed in a short time after I added ticket #435 to Telldus. Looks like RX-Multi is a bit more stable after changing from On/off to Door bell.

I also had some communication with Portspesialisten who sold me the RX-Multi. Portspesialisten wrote that I have to use Nexa Code Switch Bell with house code, instead of Nexa Self Learning Bell. They confirmed this in a second e-mail. But I’m struggling to see how I can add the RX Multi with a house code, as the RX-Multi only has one option to configure it, «Learning-mode».

Update 2015.05.20, From «Nautilus» in Telldus ForumI guess you can just set up the Code Switch doorbell with any house code / channel and then activate the learning mode in RX-Multi and send the command from Telldus Live? At least that is how one can pair for example a Nexa «code switch» code to a Nexa self learning receiver (= the original code switch codes are among the one million(+) self learning codes).

I haven’t tried Code switch myself yet, as my my setup with the Self Learning Bell looks like it works just fine 🙂

I have a Telldus Live and paired it as a Nexa Self Learning on/off.

  1. Push S1 or S2 (depending on channel to pair with on the RX-Multi).
  2. Push learn in Telldus Live.
  3. L1 or L2 should flash and confirm the pairing. The relay in RX-Multi should click.

Now you can push on or off in telldus, and the RX-multi relay should click.

I had some problems with the pairing. It looked like my RX-MULTI quitted pairing very fast – and I had to click S1/S2 button multiple times while clicking on the LERN button.


In action