Two new IP/Wifi cameras

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I wanted to test a camera with WiFi this time for easier placement, so I bought two different cameras – one from Ebay and the other from Alibaba. It was not before I got the packages that I realized they were basically the same cameras. Both cameras is branded HJT and it looks like they have the same firmware. The only difference is the design of the camera – one is white and the other is silver.

Link to the white camera:

Link to the silver camera: (dead link)

These cameras was just the type I was looking for. My earlier YianTime camera did not have WiFi and I needed to install a software on my computer to change their settings. These new cameras let me change all the setting directly in the web GUI. I can also auto snap and upload directly to an FTP server, without having to use a third party software.

They supports multiple protocols, like ONVIF and works directly in my Netcam Studio, without struggling to find the RTSP URL.

Basic setup

Default IP:

You first need to plug in a network cable to access the Web GUI and configure the wireless.
Write the IP-address in your web-browser.

Login with admin/admin.

Change these settings:

  • Settings -> Advanced -> User -> Change passwords.
  • Settings -> Network -> P2P -> Turn it off if you don’t need it.
  • Settings -> Time -> Set time zone.
  • Network -> Network -> Change IP-address or set it to DHCP if you need to.
  • Network -> Wireless -> Add your wireless if you are going to use it.


+ Wifi

+ Web-GUI that allows me to configure the camera

+ Live image tweaking of brightness, contrast, etc…

+ ONVIF, P2P, etc…

+ Auto snap and FTP support directly from the camera

+ It will automatically use the network-cable if plugged in and use the same IP-address for both Wifi and cable. Other cameras often uses different IP-addresses and it’s confusing.


I don’t actually have many cons from my side. The web-gui is ugly and outdated, but it works for my needs. I did not try to view the camera image in a browser, as I need to install flash or activate ActiveX in old IE – and I don’t want to 🙂

Update: Found this article with a lot of info, tips and tricks with Chinese IP-cameras: