Two new IP/Wifi cameras

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I wanted to test a camera with WiFi this time for easier placement, so I bought two different cameras – one from Ebay and the other from Alibaba. It was not before I got the packages that I realized they were basically the same cameras. Both cameras is branded HJT and it looks like they have the same firmware. The … Read More

Moved to new domain

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Info: My blog has now moved from to A little history: For about 15 years ago I registered a modem dialup connection with the username robert, but something went wrong. I tried a new user with the username roberta… I can’t really remember why, but I ended up with the username robertan in the end. So my first … Read More

New firewall: Sophos XG

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I have used Sophos XG at home for about one week now, and I could not have been happier 🙂 For the last year I have tried most of the software firewalls out there, but let’s face it, I am a home user – I need a simple and nice GUI! It does not matter how great a functionality is, if you … Read More

Tellstick ZNet Lite v2

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I just got my Tellstick ZNet Lite v2 that I bought from Netonnet for 1290 NOK. I also have the first Znet Lite, so this isn’t the biggest upgrade for me. I only bought it because it can send and receive 433 MHz, so now I can replace my old Tellstick Net and Znet Lite with just this one box.

Weird likes on your Facebook-page when advertising?

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I have had a lot of problems with the Facebook advertising earlier. When advertising a 100% Norwegian page, to the local community, I got a lot of foreigners that has no relation to the page or product at all. Why? I found a video that has an explanation today:   It have been running a lot of advertising the last months … Read More

Facebook messenger for Windows desktop

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Alternative #1: Use the webpage Alternative #2: Download the unofficial Messenger for desktop app, This is actually the webpage in a shell. This is based on a open source project. But the page tries to push some other apps on you now, so I’m running away from this app 🙁 My recommendation, Alternative #3: Use the Windows app by Facebook,

VisionLAN 2016

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Finally, VisionLAN 2016 is ready for launch! It’s been 8 years since last time 🙁 VisonLAN is a LAN-party / E-sport event, that I and some friends are hosting 14.-16. october. Location: Rissahallen, Rissa municipality, Norway Start: Friday, 14. october 2016 End: Sunday, 16. october 2016 Participants: Max 300 I’m just about to finish the development of the ticket-system, so … Read More

Setting up a Raspberry Pi 3

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My last Pi’s was one of the first ones (2x USB) from around 2012/13. I just bought the new Pi 3, but not all was straight forward… First of all, the filesystem is limited to 3,5 GB of my 16GB SD Card – after creating it with the Win32 Disk Imager and the default Raspbian image. “df -h” shows that … Read More

Why not to buy Nissan Leaf or Grundig Television

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You are probably asking yourself how these two can be compared, and I will try to elaborate in this article. Let’s start with something else, the Apple iPhone. When the iPhone was released, people always got the new iOS. It didn’t really matter if Apple released one, two or three new iPhones after yours – you still got the latest … Read More