Centos7 – Something filling up the disk space

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When a webserver uses 100% of the diskspace, there is not enough space to create a session in PHP. In other words people cannot login to your web-application. I had some problems with the httpd logs (/var/log/httpd) over some time with one single webserver. The access log can take up to mulitple gigabytes. After deleting the logs, everything worked fine. After …

Linux Cockpit (Fedora 23 and CentOS 7)

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  Today I installed and tested Fedora Server 23. This version of Fedora comes with cockpit, which are a web-interface for server monitoring. I have mostly used CentOS up to now, but Fedora looks more interesting for the reasons I will mention below. To add my CentOS servers to the Cockpit monitoring, I need to install Cockpit on them as well. Setting up …

Buying, installing and testing ConiuGo GSM LAN Modem with Diafaan SMS Gateway

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We decided to try the ConiuGo GSM LAN Modem (dead link – removed) at my workplace, as the USB-devices we use now, is a bit tricky running on virtual machines and the virtual COM-ports isn’t always stable. Diafaan has also written a review about this modem. This article is an expanded version of the Diafaan review, with all the details I struggled with. …

Backup-script for MySQL

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Shell script for backing up MySQL database. I am running this on a Centos 7 DB-server with MariaDB, but should work on most OS and MySQL installations. This is only an example, and the script is without any warranty. Create a .sh file Edit the .sh file The basics Delete old backups in folder: Where +3 is number of days. …

The PHP Benchmark

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Just found a PHP Benchmark page that can be helpful when writing PHP. In most cases you don’t gain much if your writing a while-loop instead of a foreach, but you can gain some in bigger applications. See PHP Benchmark results here: http://www.phpbench.com/ (Be aware that these results are live, so they will change in every refresh).

Kerberos auth with Apache/PHP

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We have a portal/intranet-webpage at my work, running with Apache, PHP and MySQL. In 2011, a colleague and me sat 16 hours (without a break) and configured kerberos authentication with the Linux webserver. Now in 2015 we needed kerberos with a new webserver. We did write a doc back in 2011, but when you sit for 16 hours – the …