Fire Safety Central with Home Assistant

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One of the main reasons for getting into more advanced smarthome, was smoke detectors. I was looking for a control panel for smoke detectors that could notify me if anything triggers, and especially if something triggers in my rental apartment. I ended up with Fibaro smoke sensor (FGSD002) and Home Assistant (HA).

Tellstick and NorthQ Power Reader

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I recently bought a NorthQ Power Reader (NQ-9021-EU) from Proshop. The Power Reader supports Z-wave and should be compatible with Telldus/Tellstick Znet. The Power Reader reads your power consumption from the power meter in or next to your fuse box. This helps you track your power consumption. At first, everything looked great, but it has been a long road to get …

Testing Fibaro Smoke Sensor with Tellstick Znet Lite

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I successfully tested the Fibaro smoke sensor with my (Telldus) Tellstick Znet Lite today. Summary: Add it to Association Group 2 under Device settings in Telldus Live. Test it with REAL smoke, as test-alarm won’t trigger. The Fibaro smoke sensor …is actually a beautiful little thing, compared to other ugly smoke sensors. It has some nice features like tamper-protection/alert and …