Simple Git tutorial

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Using default git-commands are easy enough (if you are used to it), but this month I have started up two new projects on a clean computer. Setting up git for the first time is not a big issue, but I always start Googling – so this is a simple “from scratch” guide for starting with git on a clean Windows-computer … Read More

Telldus/Tellstick Local API with PHP

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21.01.2016 Telldus announced a closed beta for their Local API on the ZNet Lite. 24.05.2016 they opened the Local API to public beta. Local API let’s you connect and fetch data directly from the Tellstick ZNet without going through Telldus Live, which can be a huge advantage as it’s faster and more stable.

Setting up external hotspot with Ubiquiti (ubnt) and debugging

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My setup: Webserver: Ubuntu 16.04 with default Apache2, PHP7 and MySQL. The webserver also has a local issued certificate with HTTPS. UniFi Controller: 4.8.18 (Running on a Windows 10 client) Laptop with wireless, running Windows 10, for testing. This article will focus more on debugging than on the setup itself, as there are multiple of howto-guides everywhere on the Internet. My guest … Read More

How to Secure Apache with Let’s Encrypt on CentOS 6

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Install the Let’s Encrypt client $ git clone $ cd letsencrypt I didn’t have git installed, so I just downloaded it from Github and added it under /opt/letsencrypt on the server.   So to the Centos 6 “fix” You’ll need to run the client in Pyhon 2.7. $ yum install centos-release-SCL $ yum install python27 Your python version should … Read More

Some simple Powershell cmd

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I will use this post to update some simple Powershell commands. A cheatsheet that I can share with others 🙂   To get the serial number from a computer run the following PowerShell command: gwmi win32_bios | fl SerialNumber To get more information e.g. bios version and manufacturer just run: gwmi win32_bios

PHP error: child pid 1234 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

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Just wasted a couple of hours troubleshooting the PHP error:  AH00052: child pid 2460 exit signal Segmentation fault (11). The browser (Google Chrome) just returned: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. The /var/log/httpd/my_virtual_domain-error_log didn’t say anything. But the default /var/log/httpd/error_log printed this error [core:notice] [pid 1400] AH00052: child pid 2682 exit signal Segmentation fault (11) for every page request. The problem was actually a PHP recursive error, which … Read More

Centos and Inodes

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In progress… This post will be updated if I get any more information/fixes… I currently have a web-server (Centos6) hosted at a third-party. Today the Inodes usage was 100% for the second time in 3 months. It looks like it’s the PHP sessions that fills up. Last time I tried to edit the session-settings in php.ini, but didn’t seem to have any affect, … Read More

Use PHP Composer with an existing project

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I have been aware of what PHP Composer has been for a long time, but I never used it before these last days. My goal was to “install” Adldap2 and replace it with the first deprecated version. This wasn’t as straight forward as I thought, because of bad or not relevant documentation everywhere. Almost every documentation about PHP Composer shows what … Read More