Apple TV keeps turning on my TV

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I recently got a new 4K Apple TV. I replaced this with my old Apple TV 4 in the living-room. Suddenly I could not turn off my TV anymore. When I turned off the TV and/or put the Apple TV to sleep, it took 2-3 seconds and it turned itself on again.

I googled and started debugging. All the steps was confirmed working for others, so I will share the whole process, not only my personal solution.


Apple TV
Removed Bluetooth paired device (my phone)
Turned off Airplay

Still an issue

Apple TV
Turned off control tv and receivers

Still an issue

Apple TV
Turned all on again.
Turned on password on Airplay, just for some security while browsing and to make sure Airplay wasn’t interfering while debugging.

LG Receiver
Disconnected power from the receiver.

Still an issue

Samsung TV and LG receiver
Disconnected power from the TV, with the receiver already disconnected.

Still an issue

Smarthome, Home Assistant
Rebooted my smarthome-platform (Home Assistant). Turned off the Apple TV as the Home Assistant lost connection in browser.

Issue fixed!

After rebooting Home Assistant, it looks like this issue has been resolved since. Maybe it was something buggy with Home Assistant.

Home Assistant (HA) and Apple TV

I have had this issue with my old Apple TV when connecting it to HA. But now my old Apple TV was moved to another room and the one in our living-room was brand new, and not added into HA. So, this was the last thing I thought of.

Home Assistant has written about this problem in their documentation. Make sure to read that part if you run Home Assistant and have an Apple TV.

To sum up their solutions:

  • Do not use this platform
  • Disable HDMI CEC on your Apple TV
  • Use “fake standby”

Read more here:

My fix

I had to add:

    - apple_tv

…in my configuration.yaml file, in Home Assistant, to make this a permanent fix. It could be because this is a new Apple TV that is found by discovery and maybe it would be fixed by adding the Apple TV to my HA – but that’s for another time.