Tellstick ZNet Lite v2

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I just got my Tellstick ZNet Lite v2 that I bought from Netonnet for 1290 NOK.

I also have the first Znet Lite, so this isn’t the biggest upgrade for me. I only bought it because it can send and receive 433 MHz, so now I can replace my old Tellstick Net and Znet Lite with just this one box.

Replacing a old Tellstick with a new one

Replacing a Tellstick wasn’t as easy as I hoped, because of all my devices, sensors and stuff. I didn’t find any useful information about switching out an old Tellstick with a new one when Googling, so I contacted Telldus support and just got a response now:

We can copy all the units from Net to ZNet, but unfortunately we can´t copy sensors, schedules and events.
If you want us to do this you need to have both of the units activated and online on your account.
Send us a message when you´re ready to do the exchange.

It would be great if they could have a better way to do this, but their products looks very stable, so it isn’t a critical issue.


Here are some pictures of the unboxing and comparison with the first ZNet Lite

tellstickznetlite_v2-1 tellstickznetlite_v2-2 tellstickznetlite_v2-3 tellstickznetlite_v2-4 tellstickznetlite_v2-5 tellstickznetlite_v2-6 tellstickznetlite_v2-7