Fibaro Button (FGPB101) in Home Assistant

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It’s about a year ago since i wrote about a panic button setup with the Fibaro Button and Telldus/Tellstick.

As I moved my Z-wave devices to Home Assistant, the Button scenes hasn’t been supported and therefore my button has been put away until now.

After reading the forum thread And this docs for z-wave device specific, I got it working!

Edit zwcfg config

  1. Open the Z-wave documentation for device specific.
  2. Turn off your Home Assistant (stop service)
  3. Open the zwcfg_xxxxxx.xml in your config.
  4. Copy and replace the device specific for your button node, as described in the documentation.
  5. Start Home Assistant
  6. Write a automation

My simple test automation

I Just wrote a simple automation to test. One click turns on a light, two click turns it off.

Finding scene data value

For finding the scene data value, the best way is to check the Z-wave log. This can be found under your Home Assistant root, named OZW_Log.txt. You can also pull the log in the GUI, under Configuration -> Z-wave -> OZW Log.

I find it most easy to view the log in Putty:
# tail -f /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/OZW_Log.txt | grep «Node010»

(Grep will only show data for the node you want. In my case the button was Node010. You can find your node id under the Z-wave node management in the GUI.)

From the log you can se «new value=0» on line 2 above.