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When I was a little boy, almost every home had a simple phone connected to a landline. I don’t know how old I was when I started to call my friends and family by pushing in the numbers from a note, but I was probably pretty young. So in case of an emergency, I could probably just call for help.

Now days nobody has landline anymore and all uses mobile phones – But should you buy a mobile phone to a 2-3+ year old boy/girl in case of an emergency? Is the phone simple enough? And what if the battery is dead?


My main reason for doing this, is so my kid at home can get help if anything should happen. Maybe I fall down the stairs? Maybe I’ll pass out of a rare illness I’m not aware of? Or I just have the «man-flu»? 🙂 Maybe I’m just right outside of the house, and a fire starts while my kid watches TV? Maybe it’s a water leak? There are many cases of emergencies 🙂

The button

I think a finally found a solution that we and our kid can use, «The button» from Fibaro. I recently bought a red button just for this purpose, and included it in my Tellstick Znet Lite v2 controller.



  1. Include the button on Telldus Live.
  2. Add a dummy on/off (I just selected a 433MHz Telldus on/off).
  3. Add LUA-script on your Tellstick to turn on the dummy switch.
  4. Create an event of what should happen if the dummy switch turns on.

I had a little problem with the inclusion as it stopped on 70%.
It worked anyway. I contacted Telldus support about this – and got a response that the last command class can be synced later, as long as the device wakeup works.


The LUA-script

I used the LUA-script template for The button from Telldus Github: https://github.com/telldus/tellstick-lua-examples/blob/master/zwave/Fibaro/TheButton.lua.

You can add the script by opening the LUA-editor in your browser, http://<tellstick_ip_address>/lua. You can probably find the IP-address in your routers DHCP.

In my case, I just changed two of the variables at the top of the script to my device-names:

local remotecontrol = «Fibaro Button»
local device1 = «X: Emergency»


The event

I created an event in Telldus Live, so if my dummy switch turns on, Telldus will send push-notification to our phones, sms to us and the neighbors, turn on the lights, activate a siren, etc…

To allow the event to «reset», I also added an action to turn off the dummy switch on the event. You could also edit the repeat interval, if you want a «timeout» before triggering a new event.

So in my case, the event can trigger (button can be pushed) once every 30 second with the default repeat interval.