1 1/2 year with Xiaomi Mi Roborock 2 (S5)

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Time goes fast. It’s almost 1 1/2 year since (07.08.2018 to be exact) we bought the Xiaomi Roborock vacuum cleaner, and it’s one of my best investment ever made!

It has now cleaned 185 times (104 hours / 5595 m2).

You will find a lot of reviews around the Internet (Google / YouTube), so I will only share a short summary about its lifetime and our experience. I will also show some pictures of the wear and tear 🙂

Pets and hair

We have two dogs, two cats and two kids (4 people). One of the standard questions is how it handle hair from pets. So far this hasn’t been an issue at all. My girlfriend’s hair is long, so they are more of a problem than the pets. By problem I mean that they get tangled around the brush, but it does not affect the cleaning – just a little more hassle cleaning the brush.

How well does it clean?

Typically: It looks like it doesn’t reach corners, so I still need to have my regular vacuum cleaner.

My answer is that it cleans a lot better than myself and we do not need a regular vacuum cleaner anymore. We still have it, but it’s not being used. The dust bunnies that typically stacks up in the corners aren’t there anymore, because the floor is vacuumed more often.

How long does it use to clean? How long does the battery last?

It uses about one hour on 100 m2, but it depends a lot of the rooms, how much you clean/lift up from the floor, etc. E.g. if we put the dining chairs up on the table, it uses more time. We usually run it two times in the hallway, because of the carpet, sand/small stones from outdoors. When it’s done, it has about 60-70% battery left.

How often do you have to empty the dustbin?

Well… How often do you replace the dustbag on a regular vacuum cleaner? How often do you need to clean your home? How often are you home? Are the pets mostly in or outdoors? Do you often have visitors? It’s a very relative question.

We run the Roborock about two times a week. Usually we need to empty the dustbin every time. We clean the brush and filter almost every time also (but you don’t need to do that). Keep in mind that there are 8 living creatures moving around our house. My girlfriend has been home on maternity leave for a year now, so more time spent home = more dust.

Does it get stuck?

Almost never. One time it crashed in a pictureframe places on the floor, so it fell on top of the Roborock – It got a little sad then 🙂

What about dogshit?

There are some scary pictures of robot cleaners with dogshit on the Internet. This has never been a problem for us. If you have dogshit inside your home, you have other issues that should be solved 🙂

Parts and replacements

I recently bought some replacement parts (brush and filters) but haven’t changed them yet. The app says the filter has about 45 hours (30%) left and 195 hours (65%) for the brush. It still cleans very well, so not sure if changing them now will have any large impact, but they look a little worn down, so I will probably change them soon (see images).