Using Adldap2

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I have been using Adldap v4.x at my work for a while now. After installing a test-server with PHP7, I found that the Adldap needed to be updated. I started with Adldap 5.x, but in the middle of the testing, it looked like the Adldap-project wasn’t maintained anymore. So I had to jump over to Adldap2, which wasn’t as straight … Read More

Digital signage (Infoskjerm)

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Today I released a new version of, which is a web-application for digital signage (info screen). The application is only available in Norwegian at this moment, but are hoping to translate in to other languages in the future.

Crontab (Linux/CentOS 7) – More frequent than 1 minute

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Setting up crontab Open and edit crontab file   Add this line (Change the path to your own) This will open the every minute.   Create a new shell-script file The .sh script will open the cron.php every 15 secounds.     PHP cronjob manager THIS IS NOT NEEDED TO USE CRONTAB – It’s just my own little crontab manager … Read More

Apache Virtual Hosts on CentOS 7

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This is a short guide for creating to virtual hosts on Apache with CentOS 7. For detailed description, see source at the bottom. Use sudo in front of the commands if your not root.   Create folders Give users permission to the folders Modify permissions to www-root Create a index.php file with some content on the web-folders we created. Create … Read More

TONO boksershorts = Svindel

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Denne artikkelen er viderepublisert fra min tidligere nettside/blogg, da den er/var en av de mest leste. Artikkelen er opprinnelig publisert 14.02.2012! Del 1 Rundt sommer/høst perioden ble jeg oppringt av en person som sa at jeg hadde vunnet en premie i forbindelse med spørreskjema som jeg hadde fylt ut. Da jeg bruker å fylle ut slike skjema fra selskaper som … Read More