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Robert AndresenInternet of things5 Comments

Telldus has realeased local plugins for beta-testing (04-04.2017). I love it!

You can read the announcement here:

Brand new world

Running local plugins will give Telldus users a whole new world to play with. With LUA-scripting and plugins, there are almost no limits for what the Telldus can do in the feature.

Some of the most annoying thing about IOT these days is all the different suppliers and products. With Telldus you can now trigger events based on status from other products, like e.g. Netatmo.

My testing so far

So far, I just got the YR Weather-plugin to work. Just open the web-gui on your Tellstick, click on Plugins, click on YR Weather and Install – as easy as that 🙂

I tried HomeKit, but can’t add the Tellstick accessory in my Home application for some reason. Others are complaining about the same thing in the forum, so there would probably be a fix soon. HomeKit and Telldus would have been a nice feature.

I have a Yale doorlock connected to Verisure, but looks like the plugin only show alarm status or something now, so doesn’t help me much.

When I tried to add multiple plugins, I got an out-of-memory error. Not sure if there is a limit or just a Beta-bug.

Other thoughts

There is a lot happening on the smarthome / IOT front at this moment. It looks like Telldus is following the marked by releasing new features and products. I still think Telldus is the best, simplest, cheapest and most flexible entry to a smarthome. Most other smarthome-products are mostly locked down to their own products or protocol, so if the company dies, your smarthome dies – not a great investment in these times.

My biggest concern around the plugins is that it would probably compete with things like Home Assistant, Conrad Connect… But Telldus is also compatible with Home Assistant and Conrad Connect… so… It’s hard to say.

Telldus has also added plugins for mail and pushover. Therefore, you can get notifications on your scripts. I have not tested these yet, but it looks like they work outside of the Telldus live. The positive thing is that you don’t need Telldus Live, the negative thing is that you will get two different enviroments.


  • Geir Bakke

    The memmory error are resolved bu a reboot of telstick unit

  • Stig Nielsen

    Hej Robert, hvordan går det med Telldus Plug-ins beta programmet og hvordan fungere de forskellige plug-ins? Har du mulighed for at lave en opdateret status på blog’en :)?

    • Robert Andresen

      Hei. Grunnet sommer og testing av Home Assistant (HASS), har jeg ikke rukket å teste Telldus plugins noe spesielt mer siden dette innlegget. I tillegg har iOS appen for Telldus en *bug som gjør at den fryser på telefonen min, så jeg har egentlig konsentrert meg om å få det meste over til HASS nå.

      HASS har bl.a. støtte for Telldus Live, i tillegg til ca. 700 andre komponenter/plugins. Så for å få støtte til min dør (**Verisure), samt varmepumpe (Intesishome) fra et å samme grensesnitt, ser det kanskje ut til at jeg kommer til å konsentrere meg om HASS fremover.

      Jeg har plan om å skrive en review for HASS i nær fremtid.

      *I følge Telldus developer har de skrevet om hele iOS appen og den er ute for beta-testere i dette øyeblikk.

      ** Telldus har også plugin for Verisure, men denne så ut til å kun støtte alarm-status når jeg testet.

  • Johnny Karlberg

    Var syns själva nyttan av pluginet? Var det du yr vädret tex?

    • Robert Andresen

      Fordelen med plugins er jo tilkobling til andre tredjeparter. Været dukker opp under sensorer, hvor man kan lage varsling eller hendelser basert på temperatur, vind, fuktighet, etc…