Telldus LUA-script for Fibaro smoke sensor tampering

Robert AndresenInternet of things0 Comments

As I’m renting out part of my house, it’s important for me to know if anyone tries to tamper with the smoke-alarms. Fibaro smoke sensor has a tamper-switch, but it doesn’t look like Telldus Live supports an event for the tamper yet – or I don’t know how to.

So my goal was to try writing a LUA-script for the first time, and this is the result:


I don’t have any documentation for the data-parameters, so I’m not sure how stable this script is yet. Please see this forum thread for any updates: I’ll try to update this article also, if I change anything.

I’m not sure how to report which smoke sensor has been tampered with. The only way I see right now, is to create a dummy device for each smoke sensor, and an event for each dummy device. Maybe I’ll split up my home i zones or apartment to prevent having to many devices and events. It would be great if Telldus would allow triggering event or URL directly from the LUA-script.