Moved to new domain

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Info: My blog has now moved from to A little history: For about 15 years ago I registered a modem dialup connection with the username robert, but something went wrong. I tried a new user with the username roberta… I can’t really remember why, but I ended up with the username robertan in the end. So my first … Read More

Heatmiser NeoHub Gen2

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Heatmiser has now released gen 2 of their NeoHub, with Apple HomeKit. I was quick to preorder – and I just received and connected it. It is now 1 1/2 year since I mounted my Neohub (first generation) and the neoStat thermostat; see my post about it here. I don’t think there is a lot to say about Gen 2. It has … Read More

Telldus: Plugins

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Telldus has realeased local plugins for beta-testing (04-04.2017). I love it! You can read the announcement here:

New firewall: Sophos XG

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I have used Sophos XG at home for about one week now, and I could not have been happier 🙂 For the last year I have tried most of the software firewalls out there, but let’s face it, I am a home user – I need a simple and nice GUI! It does not matter how great a functionality is, if you … Read More

Tellstick and NorthQ Power Reader

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I recently bought a NorthQ Power Reader (NQ-9021-EU) from Proshop. The Power Reader supports Z-wave and should be compatible with Telldus/Tellstick Znet. The Power Reader reads your power consumption from the power meter in or next to your fuse box. This helps you track your power consumption. At first, everything looked great, but it has been a long road to get … Read More

Home emergency / Panic-button with Telldus

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When I was a little boy, almost every home had a simple phone connected to a landline. I don’t know how old I was when I started to call my friends and family by pushing in the numbers from a note, but I was probably pretty young. So in case of an emergency, I could probably just call for help. Now … Read More

Telldus/Tellstick Local API with PHP

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21.01.2016 Telldus announced a closed beta for their Local API on the ZNet Lite. 24.05.2016 they opened the Local API to public beta. Local API let’s you connect and fetch data directly from the Tellstick ZNet without going through Telldus Live, which can be a huge advantage as it’s faster and more stable.

Tellstick ZNet Lite v2

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I just got my Tellstick ZNet Lite v2 that I bought from Netonnet for 1290 NOK. I also have the first Znet Lite, so this isn’t the biggest upgrade for me. I only bought it because it can send and receive 433 MHz, so now I can replace my old Tellstick Net and Znet Lite with just this one box.